The Right Communication at the Right Moment

We make a series of apps available so that you can plan your campaigns, communicate with your guests in a personal manner and analyse your online reputation.


Everything at a glance
Your hotel uses a great number of online and offline channels to reach as great an audience as possible. Do you sometimes find it hard to keep an overview and to judge how efficient your campaigns actually are?

With Mediaplan you can now track the cost and attainment 
of targets of all marketing campaigns for your hotel at a glance and in real time with one tool. That not only increases transparency but also your success: you can direct your marketing efforts even better in future with the figures from the experience of the individual actions. 

Your campaigns should after all always 
meet their targets.
  • Calender View for clear graphic representation of all marketing campaigns, e.g. Pay per Click, Social Networks, Referrals
  • Dynamic Tracking of all performance indicators that measure the success of campaigns: Budget, Impressions, Clicks, Conversions
  • Google Analytics Interface imports significant data in real time
  • Detailed Reporting enables the creation of reports referring to different target groups, markets and campaigns in the blink of an eye
  • Always in the picture The clear calendar gives you an overview of all your marketing campaigns
  • Hit the bullseye Set individual Targets for the important Performance indicators of a campaign and align them with each other
  • Quality not quantity Free yourself from the data clutter and limit yourself to the really important figures
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Newsletters that get clicked, not deleted.
Newsletters are a tried and tested medium for making potential guests aware of your hotel and your offers and increasing direct sales. But often, newsletters contain too little relevant information and find their way straight into the waste paper basket.

Newsletter saves them from this fate. The app uses the CRM and the CMS of Amplifier, to configure targeted and personalised content and send it to a selected audience. The key feature is this: the CRM tells you when your guest is most receptive to a particular theme.

Ultimately, the right guest should receive the right information at the right time.
  • Tagging-System for profiling and segmenting the contacts from the Amplifier CRM allows the production of dynamic mailing lists and improves opening and conversion rates
  • Editor works with templates in the corporate design of the hotel and makes the content of the CMS of Amplifier directly accessible for fast production of professional Newsletters
  • Responsive Design for optimised display on mobile end devices
  • Newsletter Tracking enables checking the effect of the newsletter in relation to enquiries, bookings, visitors etc.
  • Highly optimised Mailservers provide excellent delivery rates and maximum security through certified sending
  • Less is more Send your guests only that information they will be interested in and save them the flood of e-mails
  • Only direct hits Increase the relevance of your newsletter to the receivers and so improve your opening and conversion rates
  • In the wink of an eye you gain new guests and tie in your existing  guests more closely
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Get a perfect overview.
Your good reputation on the internet is your greatest asset. Not just on-line evaluations of your hotel but also your total communications on the web and the way in which you present yourself and your services affect it.

Reputation helps you keep an overview of that. The app 
doesn’t just show all opinions and comments on your hotel in real time, but derives suggestions for improvement from them and enables direct comparison with your competitors.

The first good impression of your hotel should not be the lobby.
  • Travel App Algorithm analyses evaluations and comments from quantitative and qualitative points of view
  • Rate Checker for analysis of price positioning compared with the competitors
  • Analysis of the Website from the point of view of usability, SEO, technology and content
  • Alert System informs about current issueslike, e.g., new evaluations, suggestions for improvement, current competitors positions etc.
  • Everything on one screen Keep an overview of evaluations and comments from over 30 channels and analyse them to their quality and number
  • Get the bigger picture Compare your on-line evaluations, your reputation and the price of your hotel directly with those of your competitors
  • Make your own success Don’t limit yourself to the analysis of your data, use it actively to improve your performance and get even better
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